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5 reasons why cooking is better together

It is not a question if cooking together is better. However, why you should cook together is a fair question. In this post you’ll find a few points of why I think it is better to cook together than alone. Lets junp straight into it, shall we?

Reason #1 – it is faster

There is a reason why as a society we went from artisans to factories, and from solo chefs to buzzing kitchens full of staff. And the reason is that when you cook with your partner, your friends of your pets (okay maybe not pets), you can delegate tasks and get more done in the same amount of time.

For example frying meat while the other person is chopping vegetables will get you a soup twice as quick. This is especially important if you are cooking dinner after full day of work and you are already hungry.

Plus – as a bonus – cleaning happens twice as fast too!

Reason #2 – It is social and fun

Cooking, especially if you are preparing a meal that you have done before can be more or less mindless activity. You need to pay attention, but usually you can use the time to talk about how the day went, catch up on what your friend or spouse is thinking / dreaming about lately. What movies they’ve seen.

As a guy I deffinetly relax and open up more when I am doing something, rather than just sitting and staring into the eyes of a person I am with. Even though I do love staring into my wife’s eyes…

Besides, when you cook together, you can have fun together. Make random shaped cookies, experiment with spices, play around with your food (remember your parents telling you not to? – well let me tell you – they didn’t know what life is all about).

Reason #3 – double creativity

Let’s face it – when you cook daily, coming up with new, exciting ideas of what to cook can get frustrating. We tend to default to something we’ve done a million times or something that is very easy and often boring.

Well solution, again, is to cook together!

The math here is simple – if I have 5 ideas that immediatly come to my mind when I hink of cooking and Kate (my wife) has another 5. We’re good for more that a week without having to cook the same dish twice.

Reason #4 – you can do more

As we shared in our post about making waffles for our church – making big quantities of anything can become quite a hassle, unless you have a team. And what better team to practice with than your family?

This point is related to reason #1. Since having more people cook together helps to do it faster. It makes sense that it can help you do more as well. And why would you want more? Well perhaps you want to have guests over or you won’t have time to cook every evening and want to have enough left-overs for a whole week.

Reason #5 – it is good for your marriage

They say that most arguments among married couples happen because of money, sex or household. Well I think most of them happen, because of tiredness and hangriness (when you get angry, because you’re hungry). So, make sure you and your signifacant other are well fed and best way to do that is to cook something you both like.

But cooking together is also good for relationship building because it is activity which is easy to do together, it helps you to get to know one another’s preferences and character.

Honestly it will probably help you figure out what your partner hates too. You may have some arguments, but arguments are good, because they help us know what our spouse cares about, what triggers them.

Cook better together

Here you have it 5 reasons why cooking together is better. There are obviously more reasons and feel free to comment them under this post. We might add them later, but for now I suggest you get out there and start cooking, and cook better together.

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