• Our cat sam doesn't like to cook together
    About cooking

    5 reasons why cooking is better together

    It is not a question if cooking together is better. However, why you should cook together is a fair question. In this post you’ll find a few points of why I think it is better to cook together than alone.…

  • Beef burger on a white plate

    Home Made Chipotle Beef Burgers

    It doesn’t matter if you are American, French, British or Lithuanian, when the weather says “Spring!”, it is time for burgers! And who doesn’t love a good beef burger? Well maybe vegetarians?… if you are a vegetarian, maybe cottage cheese pancakes will work…

  • Lithuanian

    Pancakes, but better: Lithuanian “Varškėčiai”

    Varškėčiai (n.) [varsh-ke-chay] : A delicious Lithuanian take on pancakes made with curd cheese Apparently this dish is not exactly a Lithuanian dish. It can be found in many cuisines of Eastern Europe. In Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia, these…